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Meet me on the north side of town.
I’m only going one way for now.
Staring at these bits of glass, as they get in my shoes.
They're pricking at my feet and reminding me of you.
Of you.

They drove by in a newly fixed car
and smelled like somebody with an unbroken heart.
Said “I’m feeling pretty okay so far,”
using words like spit in some tobacco jar.

So you got all dressed up for nothing?
What exactly is it that you’re wanting?

Stood around inside the tabernacle.
All the patrons of this metropolitan temple
were buying neon shoes in the brand new seasonal line.
Didn't seem that different from these habits of mine.

All signs indicate you’re telling me something.
So sick, sick and tired of this pushing and shoving,
pushing and shoving.

Just a no name player. Just a no name.
Just a no name player. Just a no name.
Just a no name player. Just a no name.

Wanted to be different from all that.
I guess I just got caught up in the draft.
The delusion is so far gone, but all of the aesthetics remain.
Another no name player in this game.


from Attic Static Sticker Star, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


The Normal Knees Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Normal Knees is a Chattanooga-based power duo whose musical free-journaling exercises attempt to fuse experience and narration through the evocative immediacy of alternative grunge.

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